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This is the live broacast of DKWF, of which you can hear throughout the country by way of Repeater Stations.

When the DWD issues a Weather Warning, regular programming is interrupted in order to broadcast said Warning.
Regular programming consists of the following portions, and is broadcast continuously:

• Active Weather Warnings
• Station ID

• Weather Patterns and Warning Signs
• Weather Forecast
• Weather Outlook                         
• Transmission of WeatherBaud Data   (?)

Hardware-specific information, i.e. How to program your Weather Radio, or how to decode Weather Warnings using only your computer, can be found under the Resources tab of this page.

If you have any questions about the DKWF broadcast, would like to report severe weather, or need help setting up your Weather Radio, please get into contact with us using one of the following outlets:

•  Telephone:
+1 ‪(507) 944-4059
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